I have immense pleasure in welcoming you to SRI VENKATA SAI D.ED COLLEGE , a highly progressive and enterprising College pledged to providing quality education with great emphasis on traditional values.

Besides academic excellence, the College is committed to inculcating in all its students, strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect for elders. I firmly believe that education should foster confidence, discipline, clarity in thought and decision-making ability to set and achieve goals, and above all, social responsibility as a life-long process.

SRI VENKATA SAI D.ED COLLEGE takes pride in providing a caring atmosphere to all its students just apt for the young minds to be nurtured. It aims to develop scholarly students with great self-discipline, intense perseverance and a zeal to excel which are the qualities required to meet the challenges of the modern society. The College seeks your utmost co-operation and support at all times to achieve the high standards set.

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"If you educate a boy, you educate one individual, If you educate a girl, you educate a teacher. If you educate a teacher, you educate a community" As FRANCIS BACON said," knowledge is power" implies that teaching is an art that can be acquired through a series of well- designed series of activities, it’s imperative, Learn more...


With a view to spread education in Kandulapuram, the most backward area, the Sri Venkata Sai D.Ed College was established and registered under the Andhrapradesh Recognition Act.
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